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Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

Who knows about this fairytale "Jack and the Beanstalk"? or in Indonesian called "Si Jack dan Kacang Polong". After watched this movie, I just realized I've ever heard about this fairytale. Let's see if you've heard this story or not.

Genre : Fantasy, Adventure, Drama
Release Date : 1st March 2013

a brief storyline

Jack (Nicholas Hoult) is a farmer boy who inadvertenly opens a gateway to a giant land. He doesn't know that he brings home some beans that can grow up to the sky. When that magic beans in Jack's house start growing, Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) is carried away to the giant land. The King (Ian McShane) orders his best men to rescue his daughter. Led by Elmont (Ewan McGregor), Jack, Roderick (Stanley Tucci) and other people join the forces and climb the bean. When they got into the giant land, Roderick gets perfidious. He orders giants to climb down and attack the kingdom. Will Jack & Elmont rescue the princess succesfully? How about the giants then?

Fee fi fo fum. Ask not whence the thunder comes. For between Heaven and Earth is a perilous place. Home to a fearsome giant race.

a fair review

This adaptation beautifully expands the fairytales about Jack, the bean spiller. They expand the story by adding princess, entire race of giants, and crown. But all, once again, beautifully added into the strory and I like it. I'm enjoying this movie. I like how fairytales can be adapted into the big screen like no fail.

The entire casts did a great job. I like Ewan McGregor as Elmont so much. In the end, this comical character becomes the sidekick main hero. Good job ! He's succesfully charmed me. He's my favourite. At first, I ship Elmont and princess. But actually, I understand the princess is belong to Jack. Hahhaa.

Nicholas Hoult also did a nice job, but not too great I think. I like him more in Warm Bodies. I don't know why I feel his acts this time are just so-so, not remarkable. But still, he is a handsome farmer boy who saves the princess' life. That character successfully makes him more attractive and alive. Eleanor Tomlinson is pretty, but once again, not so stunning and memorable. Sorry, this time I adore the side-characters, such as Elmont and The King, and not forget about Roderick & friend.

I admit the visual effects are quite great. When they climb up the beans, sometimes there are some scenes that too computer-generated, but it's okay. And for the giants, they seem real for me. 

a brief closure

I never get bored when movie makers always want to adapt a movie from a fairytale or a legend. It always brings me to my childhood time successfully and so does this movie. I wish I could read many many fairytales then imagine it as much as I like. This one is "A timeless fantasy movie". I enjoyed this movie so much, but in the same time I didn't feel something "WOW"ed me after I walked out from the cinema. Just a fine movie.

Grade : 6/10


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