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Warm Bodies (2013)

Finally, Warm Bodies is on cinema ! I've seen this movie for 2 times. This movie is absolutely based on a popular novel "Warm Bodies". People say, the novel is funnier & greater than the book. But, never mind. I still enjoy this zombie rom-com movie, yet really want to read that novel so bad.

Genre : Romance , Comedy , Zombie
Release Date : 1 February 2013

a brief storyline

There's this one unusual zombie called R (Nicholas Hoult). He's young and he's different from other zombies. His life as a zombie changes when he meets and saves Julie (Teresa Palmer) from an attack. So then both of them form a warm relationship that causes R wants to start his life as a human. How do they deal with this unusual relationship, zombie and humans? Could R change his life and live like a human?

a fair review

I like how R is introducing himself as a zombie. It's a clear opening about how they live a life as zombies. 

Nicholas Hoult can portray R so well. His gesture, his posture, his face, all are zombie looks alike. Once again, his facial expression is absolutely amazing. I don't know why but when I saw his facial expression, it made me laugh sometimes.Teresa Palmer also did a good job as Julie, but not too spectacular as a female lead. I didn't see it from her character. Anyway, if you look at her closer, she resembles Kristen Stewart, doesn't she? Or just me?

Ah, I also amazed with R's best friend character, M. Rob Corddry as M is actually doing a nice job. He made me laugh while seeing him talk "Bitches". The problem is, why M is more talkative than R?

All zombie's makeup are pretty simple but works well on them The setting is great too. Old buildings everywhere and some goods look oldies, describes a dead city so well. What I love the most is the soundtrack ! All songs playing in this movie are really perfect.

a brief closure

In the end, I'm enjoying so much while watching this movie. This isn't about zombie that you think can scare you. This is another genre of zombie. I like the storyline, different from vampire's movie or other. Eventhough, sometimes it doesn't make sense, how could human falls in love with a zombie. This movie really worth your time, just for entertaining you. Watching this movie was really fun. You guys should try to watch it. Zombies era is coming to us.

Grade : 7/10


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  1. Greattttt I love posting about movie.
    And I will watch it soon, hope in my country is already coming :)
    Yes, she looks like a kristen stwrd in blond hair


  2. oh dr Indonesia jg ya dear..
    Asyik donk. dmn tgl nya?
    Aku jd kpngen ni ntn film ni..
    Blom smpet2 cz kuliah. gmn udh ntn?


  3. Nice review! Will watch this in the future ^^

    1. yeaah, recommended. it's a funny movie :D

  4. iyaaaaa, mirip kristen stewart banget kalo diliat sekilas

    1. iyaa kan, bener. kirain aku doank yang ngeliat begitu. hahahah

  5. I just saw this movie yesterday and loved it! Thought it was going to be hilarious, which it was funny, but it actually made me cry!
    Jillian - PS If you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to check out a giveaway we're hosting for $50.00 to Shabby Apple!

  6. Agreed! Blonde Kristen Steward :D