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The Moon That Embraces The Sun (2012)

I've just finished watching this Korean Drama "The Moon that Embraces The Sun " / "The Moon Embracing The Sun"/ "The Sun and The Moon"
This drama is really really great. Never say late to watch a good drama like this. I surely recommended you all to watch this Korean Histrorical Drama ! Two Thumbs :D

The Moon Embracing The Sun / The Moon That Embraces The Sun / The Sun and The Moon
해를 품은 달 / Haereul Poomeun Dal
Genre : Period, Romance, Fantasy
20 Episodes

a brief story :

Heo Yeon Woo is chosen to become the Crown Princess of Joseon until the Dowager Queen plots against her and secretly orders her death. With the help of a powerful shaman's magic, Yeon Woo escapes with her life, but loses her memories. Eight years later, Yeon Woo returns as a shaman named Wol. She has not been forgotten by those she left behind, especially by her family and The King, Lee Hwon. Lee Hwon, no matter what still investigating the sudden death of his love, the Crown Princess.

characters :

even all the characters here are all gorgeus. from young to adult, actor & actress to character. i like all ! here are the main characters.

Lee Hwon. Young Lee Hwon ( Yeo Jin Goo ). Adult Lee Hwon ( Kim Soo Hyun )

Lee Hwon is King of Joseon Dynasty. When he was young, he lost his first love, Heo Yeon Woo, who was supposed to be the next Queen. Since Yeon Woo suddenly falls ill and dies, Lee Hwon becomes a King who hardly smiles. Until one day, he meets Shaman Wol who resembles Yeon Woo, he finally starts to reinvestigate the death of Yeon Woo.

Both actors are handsome, aren't they? Even their acting are so fabolous. I adore Yeo Jin Goo as Young Lee Hwon. I bet when he gets his age, he will turn into a great actor, like Kim Soo Hyun now. OMG ! Kim Soo Hyun as King Lee Hwon is really really made me burst into King's madness. Even Soo Hyun's crying scenes are all making my heartbreak. He really does a good job when it comes to cry scene. Other scenes such as King Lee Hwon's sweet moment with Yeon Woo and Lee Hwon with Hyung Sun & Woon are gorgeous though. Aaa, i love all his scenes in this movie :D

Heo Yeon Woo. Young Yeon Woo ( Kim Yoo Jung ). Adult Shaman Wol ( Han Ga In)

Yeon Woo is daughter of scholar / noble family. She is smart, bright, and well-loved. She is choosen as next Queen, but mysteriously fell ill and passed away. Eight years later, she returns to the palace as Shaman Wol. She quite hard finding her memories back while near King Lee Hwon.

Same as above, i adore Kim Yoo Jung. She is cute anyway. She looks smarter really. Otherwise, Han Ga In who is still cute yet she is 30 years old. I just find it hard to connect Han Ga In with Kim Yoo Jung. They are like different. While young Yeon Woo is so charismatic, i didn't find it in Wol's face. Aigoo. But it is still okay. I still love Yeon Woo's character :D

Prince Yang Myung. Young Prince ( Lee Min-Ho). Adult Prince ( Jung Il Woo)

He is the elder half brother to Lee Hwon. He also has fallen in love (unrequited). Eight years later, he finds Wol, surprisingly makes him fall in love again. This time, he won't let go his love for Wol. He is willing to relinquish his title or Prince. 

Lee Min-Ho as young Yang Myung Prince acts very good. Furthermore, Jung Il Woo does same great job presenting Prince Yang Myung. Lovable character. Handsome. 

Bo Kyung. Young Bo Kyung ( Kim So Hyun ). Adult Bo Kyung ( Kim Min Seo )

Both are Queen. I just fell pity to them. Some other time I just fell they makes sense for doing such a bad person in some reason. She had so much pressure under her dad's nurture.

Heo Yeom - Yeon Woo's Brother. Young Yeom ( Im Siwan ). Adult Yeom ( Song Jae Hee )

Heo Yeon Woo's brother is smart and charismatic. High rangking official scholar. He is also Lee Hwon's teacher. Later, he becomes Princess Min Hwa's husband.

I like Heo Yeom young version A LOT ! more handsome than adult one. Even my mom likes Heo Yeom young version. However, adult Heo Yeom is more charismatic and mature.

Woon. Young Woon ( Lee Won Gun ). Adult Woon ( Song Jae Rim )

He is the top swordsman in Joseon and is the loyal bodyguard of Hwon. He has deep friendship with Yeom and Yang Myung.

Hyung Sun - King's Eunuch ( Jung Eun Pyo )

Shaman Jang ( Jun Mi Sun )

She is really making me scared in half episode ! I am almost not sleeping well after watching her cursed Yeon Woo. The ritual scenes are really ... *sigh* 

Princess Min Hwa. Young ( Jin Ji Hee ). Adult ( Nam Bo Ra )

Seol ( Yoon Seung Ah)

i love them to the death

scenes & quotes :

I like this quote so much !
my favourite scenes are most from childhood time and sweet moments between Hwon and Yeon Woo. ahh and also scenes between Hwon and Hyung Sun --> seriously funny when they appear in the movie.

comments :

half of first episode is enough scary. after half of the movie, i began enjoying the movie anyway. the appearance of young characters are really good. it makes me want to watch another episodes. it is not just another period romance korean drama. there are some funny scenes either. i guarantee you will like The Moon That Embraces The Sun. All actors and actresses are playing great, especially Kim Soo Hyun as King Lee Hwon and Jung Eun Pyo as King's Eunuch. i finished this drama just in 3 days :D

Good Drama. Good OST. Here are my best 3 soundtrack. You all should try to listen these beautiful songs.
1. Lyn - Back in Time

2. Heora - Moonlight is Setting

3. Kim Soo Hyun - The One and Only You

Snowman & Hyung Sun ! Cuteee ^___^

finally my post about this drama "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" is over. i seriously miss them. BEST DRAMA ever  :D 
anyway, if there are some recommendation about good K-Drama, don't forget to comment below this post. 


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  1. I also love The Moon embraces the sun. The song is very touchy plus The casts are good-looking ones. I just finished Rooftop prince (I bet you have watched it). LOL. But overall, this drama is good. :)

  2. YESSS ! Rooftop Prince is one of another good drama too :D