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Arshad - Girl On Fire Lyrics

They don’t own me
I’m not a piece in their games
Can’t control me
They’re the only ones to be blamed
I’ll never breakdown
I won’t give up this fight
I’ll give ‘em nothing
Nothing Nothing

Just one kiss and I will be hooked to her fire
Her flames are surrounding me now
As we watch as they light up the sky
We must stand up and fight.

Cause this love is not a game to me
We’ll survive
And start an uprising
You can ignite (you can ignite)
Stand and fight (stand and fight)
Don’t cave in
So let’s the games begin

Notice me
Cause I’ve been here all along
I’ve been waiting
Since you sang me your song
It’s our moments to turn the things around
And show ‘em something
With nothing
With nothing

And now our star-crossed love has materialized
We’ve locked our fate right here right now

She doesn’t know the effect she can have
No she doesn’t know the effect she can have

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  1. Omgoodness!!!! This is the BEST song I have heard in ages!!! Totally shoulda been in the movie. I can't stop singing it!

  2. I just love how its perfectly in Peeta's POV about the whole book/and or movie of The Hunger Games.
    It also loves to lodge itself inside my head. xD

  3. This is song is amazing!!! It definitely should have been in the movie. The song seems like it came straight from Peeta's heart about the games and his emotions towards everything.

  4. Love this song! It is so perfect for Peeta's emotions and passion. Beautiful..... really can't stop listening to it right now. It's on my top ten itunes.