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A Werewolf Boy (2012) Korean Movie

"A Werewolf Boy" is one of popular Korean Movie. Do you know Architecture 101? This movie surpassed the ticket sales of Architecture 101. You can already watch it online in English sub on Drama Crazy or even download it on Ganool.

Genre : Romance, Fantasy
Release Date : 30 October 2012

a brief storyline

A mother with her two daughter, Kim Suni (Park Bo Young) and Kim Sunja (Kim Hyang Gi), move to a large house in a countryside. This large house is bought by Ji-Tae (Yoo Yeon Seok) who is a son of business partner that Suni's father ever worked together. After moving to this house, an unexpected things come out. Suni finds out a look-alike wolf boy (Song Joong Ki). This family decide to take him and raise him up together in this house. They calls him Cheol Soo. While Cheol Soo is learning to interact with people, he's also finding out that he begins to take an interest in Suni. Of course, Ji-Tae doesn't like it. He prepares some plans to dismiss Cheol Soo, because of a truth that might be a reason to dismiss Cheol Soo. How's Cheol Soo and Suni confront this truth?

a fair review

(Maybe contains spoiler). The plot clearly describes that there's a deep feeling between Cheol Soo and Suni.   Scenes by scenes is flowing smoothly. I can understand and feel the same way with the two main characters. The angle-shots are taken beautifully. When Cheol Soo becomes the real wolf, there's no weird screen changing. The setting is also perfect.

Song Joong Ki's character as a wolf boy is incredible. I'm sure he really learns so much about wolf's lifes. His breathing, his gesture, his body language, all his actings, I believe he is a trully cute wolf boy. Even his eyes and his looks are telling everything. He doesn't speak too much in this entire movie, but when it comes to his dialogue, it's really beautiful. Yes, it is. Song Joong Ki is daebak !

Park Bo Young also does the same thing. Her acting is also magnificient. Her chemistry with Cheol Soo is somehow so deep. I can really feel why Suni gradually falls into Cheol Soo and vice versa. She is pretty too with her braided hair. Moreover, sunlight is everywhere in this movie. She is even brighter with the sunlight and the gold prairie. Her emotion also comes out sincerely.

The setting is perfect. Gold prairie with full of sunlight, warm neighborhood, pure goats, all makes me somehow tranquilizing. Natural light comes out and makes entire angles shot beautifully. The music, eventhough most are instrumental, supports the scenes very well. I like the most when Park Bo Young sings "My Prince" with her guitar. Ah, this scene is beautiful.

a brief closure

Overall, the movie is quite perfect, but lacking in ending scene. I hope something more between Suni and Cheol Soo in the end. Forget the ending. The entire movie is a fully package of joy and laughter, even grief and hatred.  I sometimes smile, laugh so hard, and feel fall in love. The side character also plays great. I love how the children can act so natural. I almost burst into tears too, forget to tell you. The climax scene is successfully bringing me into the scene. Ah, what a beautiful romance-fantasy. A simple movie about first love that can touch you. I like it very much. 

"Wait for me. I'm back to you."

Grade : 7.5/10


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  1. Thank you for the review. This movie will be in my list as I loveeee korean movie/drama :D

  2. Song Joongkiiii *v*
    Hahaha yeayea Binusian :3 How about you? Semester and Major? xD