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The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Yeay ! Finally guys, I can watch this beautiful movie based on a best-selling novel of Stephen Chbosky. Seriously, this is a "beautiful" movie. Lots of wisdom words here about life.

Genre : Drama
Release Date : 21st September 2012

a brief storyline

A story about Charlie (Logan Lerman) who is struggling with her bad memories, the suicide of his best friend. He is an introvert freshman in school, so he must struggle much day by day. Not-so-long struggling days of him, until he finds his two new senior friends, Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson). This two seniors are really welcoming Charlie to a new world. How is Charlie struggling with his memories and also his first love to Sam?

a fair review

This movie can relate to anybody. Anybody. Logan Lerman succesfully portrays Charlie as an introvert boy but trying to change into an 'open' boy. I can feel his perplexity, his fear, and his happiness in that high-school moments. Such a true feeling of a new freshman. One thing that I adore about Logan Lerman in this movie is : he is a cute innocent boy. 

Who doesn't know Emma Watson? She becomes popular because of Harry Potter's movie. Her role is somehow different with that magical wizardry things, but this absolutely brings her into another steps of her acting carrer. She plays a gorgeus smart girl. Anybody who watch this movie will surely like her. Plus, her British accent is absolutely vanished. Like it.

Ezra Miller looks like an Asian actor seriously, with his dark hair and white face. He plays a role of flamboyant Patrick who makes me wanna become one of his friend. I like his character, so fussy but funny. Other characters, like Mary Elizabeth (Mae Withman) and Candace (Nina Dobrev) are supoorting very nicely. 

You know, this movie sets in early 90's era which is no such smartphone or other technology. You just become friend by talking, speaking, and socializing. Visiting home, joining a party and other activities. What I like most is the soundtrack. The songs are played beautifully. Perfect with almost all of the scenes. 

a brief closure

High school can be hell, can't it? But, you can change your high-school moments into a good one by a little help of 'what you called a FRIEND'. Some scenes should be not too 'bullying', but sometimes it gives a point of what high-schools are doing nowadays. 

There are lots of wisdom words here. This is my and others favourite quotes :

This movie is perfect for such a high-schooler who still shy to face the new world. Make friends and be yourself. Perfection.

Grade : 8/10


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  1. Emma is my fav actress !!! Her act is so good, like over the top !

    I invite you to join my WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY !

  2. yes, i agree with you. i love emma too :D
    wow, worldwide? okaay, i will join ;D

  3. bagus grace, nonton.
    dapet rating tinggi dimana2.
    banyak pesan2 bijak *caelah*. hahaha