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Wreck It Ralph (2012)

I think I found another favourite animation movie beside Despicable Me and Brave. Wreck It Ralph is The Best Video Game Themed Animation Movie EVER ! I Serious :D

Genre : Animation , Comedy
Running Time : 108 minute
Release Date : 2 November 2012

a brief storyline 

A video gam villain, Ralph wants to be a hero like Felix Jr. Being loved by everyone else like Felix Jr, gets a medal like Felix Jr, lives in a penthouse not a garbage, that's all Ralph wants. Problem is, nobody likes bad guy. So, Ralph sneaks into the game, Hero of Duty to win a medal. Things are not going to be easy. He wrecks anything and accidentally meets Vanellope in Sugar Rush ( candy cart racing game ). They both are in a same situation, lives in a garbage place and dumped by everyone else. Vanellope, a young "glitch" girl, might be the one to teach Ralph what it means to be a good guy. Will Ralph get a medal and be a good guy ?


I love this animation movie so much. Beautiful storyline, a lot of fun characters, funny dialog and more. All video games characters make their cameo appearance, like Zangief, Sonic, Pacman, and lots. I missed Dig Dug, Burger Time, Street Fighter, and any video game. I can really feel my childhood moments. Besides oldies video games character, there is a new video game called Hero Duty. Sergeant Calhoun is one of powerful-but-still-a-woman character. Vanellope character is my favourite. 

Play this game : Click This [Link]
My favourite scene is when Ralph shares his stories about being a bad guy. Whoa, all villain characters were there. It's really COOL ! I remember their last motto :D In this scene, we can also relate something with our life. Sometimes, we might be an underdog and want attention. This is a COOL bad guy theraphy !

I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be then me.
Ah, there was also a heart-wrenching scene. After Vanellope gave Ralph a cookie medal ( so sweet ) with a title "You're My Hero", Ralph even destroy Vanellope's cart in order to save her.

All the animation are fantastic. If you know any video game inside this movie, then you're a truly gamer. I enjoyed this movie so much. Make me wanna visit video game's life. 

Before Wreck-It Ralph appeared, there was a short movie called Paperman. Eventhough it's black and white movie, somehow it is more interesting. Paperman is sweet.

What else i can comment on ? This movie is really entertaining. People in every age MUST watch this

Rating : 9/10


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