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Skyfall (2012)

So, I watched Skyfall on Friday. This is the first time I like Daniel Craig as James Bond. Skyfall is awesome. Eventhough there were so many critics about Skyfall from Bond's or non Bond's fans, I still love Skyfall.

Genre : Action , Adventure , Crime
Running Time : 143 minute
Release Date : 9 November 2012

a brief storyline   (*SPOILER)

Opened with a surprise coming of Bond (loud backsound) , I already feel Bond's of Daniel Craig. First mission is finding a harddisk with a secret list in Istanbul (same place with Liam Nesson at Taken 2), then Bond was shot and fell into a cliff nearby. Did Bond die ? I am sure, he's not. 

-- Adele's Skyfall Opening Credit -- almost 5 minutes of opening credit title. but it's alright. i like it. Adele's sound and the song rythm is fabolous.

Bond actually comes back and ready to act again. Although he isn't fully recovered, M believe he can finish the job. As MI 6 comes under attack, Bond a.k.a 007 must track down and destroy the threat. Before, Bond go through a physical test to get sure about his condition. Who is the mastermind behind all of this? Silva ( Javier Bardem ). 

Before met Silva, Bond met Sévérine. Oh yes, Sévérine is pretty and attractive. As magnificient as neon in Shanghai and luminous in Macau, so does Bond's fight & relationship with Sévérine. There was a scene when Bond came sneak into Sévérine's bathroom naked. You know what they're doing after that. 

Back to Silva as a villain. He's good but not as good as Joker for sure. Pretty enough startled me anyway with his homosexual act to Bond and his blonde hair and also his scary 'clown' face. Ah, and a story about a rat, that is an incredible dialouge. Silva talks about M. He wants to get a revenge on M. From here, Bond is on a duty to help M from Silva's killing plans

In the end of the movie, we can see what does Skyfall means. Skyfall was a home when Bond was a little in Scotland. Unfortunately (i can't believe & think at all, why did Bond want the last fight with Silva at his house) , Skyfall in the end burned by big fire.  Did M save from Silva ? What is the next killing plans to M & Bond in the end ?

characters & scenes

I want to give applause to Daniel Craig as Bond & Javier Bardem as Silva for their great performance. Judi Dench as MBérénice Marlohe as Sévérine , Ben Wishaw as Q and also Naomie Harris as Eve, the new Money Penny. I like all the characters. 

Bérénice Marlohe is hot, somehow she looks alike Jolie IMO, hahaha. Her scene when Bond sneaks in her bathroom is a bit unpredictable and creepy, Man ! But, this is Bond's movie. Anything could happen.
Daniel Craig is also hot. Whoa. His body is utterly great ! Ah, and Ben Wishaw as Q, his character is also stunning. If you remember, Mallory as new M is Ralph Fiennes ! Wohoo, Lord Voldemort, guys.

  1. Nah, there is one scene I am confused about. Since Silva is a villain ( he blows up bombs in train station and escape from MI6 place), why is the hell he shot randomly in a court. I think he will do another "blow up" things. Dissapointed Point 1. 
  2. Dissapointed Point 2 : In the beginning, harddisk issue with the list of people is up, but in the end , helloooo , no news about it at all. Five first people is uploaded to Youtube and how the next people in the list ? Are they safe? Dunno.
In the end, the movie is worth to watch. Dialogue, Action, Gun, what else? Everything is mesmerising. Don't forget to watch Skyfall 007 in cinema near you. 

Psychologist: I'm going to say a word, and I want you to say the first word that comes into your head. Country? 
James Bond: England. 
Psychologist: Gun? 
James Bond: Shot. 
Psychologist: Agent? 
James Bond: Provocateur. 
Psychologist: Murder? 
James Bond: Employment. 
Psychologist: Skyfall? 
[pause when there is no answer
Psychologist: Skyfall? 
James Bond: Done. 


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