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The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012)

Twilight is over. Some are happy, some are sad, some are hoping for another sequel. Are you satisfied ?

Genre : Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
Running Time : 115 minute
Release Date : 16 November 2012

a brief storyline 

After Bella gave a birth to Renesmee, she lives a new life as a newborn vampire. Everything goes alright with her perfect life as a vampire, until Volturi finds out wrongly about Renesmee and wants to destroy Cullen's family. So then Cullen's family and other vampires from around the world assemble to fight with Volturi.


I think Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the best installment besides first Twilight movie. We can see amazing point of views while being a vampire in Bella's eyes. We also can see another vampires from around the world that exist and their special abilities. First timeI think that being a vampire is so cool

Kristen Stewart as Bella, is more powerful than before. Maybe because this is the last installment of Twilight, she was doing her best acting as Bella. Less manerism that you will comment at (mouth half opens,dll). I like Kristen Stewart's acting in here. Moreover, she is also very very beautiful in my eyes. She is perfect. Nice skin !

I was born to be a vampire

About comparing Jacob and Edward, calling me as Team Jacob ! Damn, he is so hot here. Especially when he takes off his shirt, I can feel my eyes & jaws dropping. LOL. Alice as usual is so pretty. Carlisle seems fatter than before. Emett's muscles are buffing a lot. Rosalie's addicted of baby-caring. Yeah, Cullen's family seems so happy and welcome Bella as well. Such a great family.

Jacob Jacob Jacob 

I have two plus and two minus here. Plus one, dialogs thankfully are so lively. Funny dialogs of course. I enjoy watching and laughing. Plus two, battle neck to neck, head to head between Volturi and Vampire allies are so tense ! Really interesting. Breaking Head is the title of the fight, I think. LOL.

Then the minus is : Baby's CGI ! Sucks !  Looks like an ammateur CGI. Blah. I do really feel that the baby is fake. Other minus is Renesmee adult version. WHY? WHY it must be very short ? I want to see more scenes between Renesmee and Jacob.

In short, Twilight is over. Happy ending. Good to watch but not satisfied at all. At least, Cullen's family live happily ever after. Forever.


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