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Magazine Collection October 2012

I am a magazine freak ! Yes, I am. I will buy at least one magazine every month if just the issue is good for me to read. Download it from web or buy magazines are my usual activities. I've bought 2 magazine already in this October. Take a look.

Cosmogirl! October Issue. 

Cosmogirl! celebrated its 11th birthday. Happy birthday to Cosmogirl! This magazine issue is thicker than ever and moree fashion pages. Cosmogirl! gives you a bonus too, it's neon clutch ! I got neon green.

Gogirl! October Issue.

I always love Gogirl! , especially their articles. They are so inspiring. This edition will give you so much inspiring photos. Love taking photos with instagram? Love taking photos with cranky style? Buy Gogirl! October issue.


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.

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