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hola readers. it's been a while i haven't posted anything yet. because i am now at 7th semester, business is my best friend now. doing a lot of tasks ( mostly are presentation ), preparing for my last thesis, and posting in another website. yes, i'm a writer of one Indonesian's Technology Blog called Techrity. for you who live in Indonesia and like all about technology or gadget, you can check this website.

Techrity Screenshot
whoa. i really miss posting here. i have already watched Taken 2 last week, but i didn't have a single chance to write here. gosh. i will make it fast and quick : what i have done for this long weeks. :)

until i post this, Taken 2 still leads box office. i forgot wether i've seen taken 1 or not. clearly, i like this movie. very thrilling. very action. and has a great happy ending. i recommend this action movie. you guys who didn't get a chance to watch this, go buy Taken 2 dvd later.

next, eventhough i've been very busy doing my tasks, of course i must find my mood booster. what is it? Running Man. yeah, i regularly watch Running Man every week. other than Running Man, i am also finding a new great korean drama. the title is Nice Guy / The Innocent Man. the lead actor is Song Joong Ki. i'm crazy about this drama. every ending makes me curious how next episode will be going on.

okay, i guess i post until here now. hope i can post anything here as usual as i can. see you.


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.


  1. i havent got a chance to watch taken 2 yet!

    style frontier

  2. taken 2 was awesome!

    andrea brionne

  3. @dunia kecil indi : thanks so much :D
    @ruby and rosa : thanksss ! cheerss too
    @fhenny : you have to watch taken 2. it's good
    @andrea brionne : yes ! i like taken 2 also :D