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LEGO Rapunzel Narnia

i got some wonderful LEGO photos at Central Park a week ago.

my friends, Dewi Marisa took the pictures with SLR
( even the securities has told us not to take a picture, we still naughty.)
teheee :p
and me edited some.

here are the LEGOS :)

these are my two favourites :) how sweet they are taken.
tararengqyu to Dewi

you see? there are some moments that can captured like real in Legos.
how amazed i am when see these Legos.
how they can create these all Legos ? incredible.

really christmas spirit is coming to town

and so. long time not reviewing movies.
by the way, i'm too late to watch these two films.
Rapunzel (Tangled) and Chronicles of Narnia.
but, no problems about it. however i still watch these two GREAT movies.

sorry, no review :)
but they are really a GREAT movie.


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