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RnB love song

recently i love listening this genre of music.
rnb love song.
i love the beat.
i like how i can feel the love in this music.
i love reading the lyrics.its like the love poem for me
make me feel so in love :)

i recommend you some of my favourite songs. from 2008 until now.

  • Daniel D - Cherish Every Moment
  • Nathan - You Make Me Feel
  • Frankie J - I Promise You
  • Ne-Yo - So Sick
  • Daniel D - The Truth
  • Rihanna ft. Ne-yo - Hate That I Love You

Daniel D - The Truth

just wanna be so good to you
and everything you need
I only wanna see you smile
I just wanna make it right for you
And even if youre far away
I know that Ill miss you
I promise that my love wont change
I will always be in love with you

I promise Ill be a good man
That Ill always listen to every word that you may say
No I wont neglect you but only respect you
And give you the love that you need
Babe please say that you love me
Please say that Im everything to you
Please say that you miss me
As much as I miss you
now baby believe me
I gotta be everything to you
And baby just trust me
I swear this is the truth

And girl youre the one for me
I swear this is the truth
See many faces pass me by but theres nobody quite like you
I know so many time and many times before
Love has only let you down
But I swear Ill give you so much more..


Laaa la laalaaa laa

If you need a reason
a justification
its simply inside your eyes
theres no need to question what are your affections
theres something that I cant hide..[something that I cant hide]
Say gotta believe
and I dont wanna lose you
but be so good to you
I gotta have you in my life
you better believe it baby


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