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14 Lessons I Learned from 2014

2014 is almost over. 3 weeks more we will face another year to struggle with. I must say, for me, 2014 is really a tough one. I struggled to be strong in some shit things I didn't like. Even I didn't like those things for some reasons, I fortunately found some lessons to learn about it. This is just my personal story I want to blow out. Go ahead, if you wouldn't mind reading this.

14 lessons I learned from 2014.

1. Finding a job that matches with your passion is a tough one for me. I missed some job opportunities which technically are my favourite ones. I already had a job, that's the reason why I missed that. I wish I won't miss that job opportunity again next year. I know, if you love your job, you will enjoy your work, then you slowly will make your own career.

2. Your coworkers aren't that kind as you wish for. They're different in their ways. Mostly, my senior co-workers are people that I must face with my big heart and big fake smile everyday. They find themeselves always true, and me, always wrong. Sigh. I just can respect them and be patience.

3. I learn what professionalism is. Eventhough you have a problem with your co-worker, you can't show how much you don't like in front of them. It's a big NO. I already learn that. Take my fake smile, yo!

4. I learn to tell so much white lies. There's no need to tell about this.

5. Have patience with all things is a must.

6. Stress just makes you sick. My stomach got hurt. My head got dizzy. I didn't sleep well. They haunted me in my dream. So, stop it.

7. Even negative thinking will shed your heart and mind slowly. This is my big problem of the year. I hate this. I even cried and thought about the dumbest thing that will never happen (or maybe would happen?)

8. Your attitude is what people will remember you with.

9. Whenever you do wrong, even it's the smallest things, people will remember that mistakes in mind.

10. Earning your own living cost a.k.a finding your own money isn't easy. Everyone knows that!

11. Need works harder than anyone else, because I feel nothing. I saw everyone has their own favourite job. I saw everyone already has achieve their goals. I envy yet this makes me want to work harder.

12. I still need to learn eveything again. I want to learn anything again from the first time. I need to learn Chinese again. I need to learn how to write beautifully. I need to learn how to talk to everyone. I need to learn how to be creative. I need to learn everything. Life is a learning journey.

13. Finally I know what my dreams are.

14. Last. Too much of everything is not good! Love too much, eat too much, think too much, everything too much is prohibited. Later or not, it will get you sick.

Finally I can write again in my blog, although it's a personal thing. At least, I can write stuck-things-i-can't-stop-thingking-about. Don't judge me. I still have many things to smile about really. Any advice from what I learned? Just drop your comments.


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.


  1. LOL that number 10 meme SO TRUE T^T

  2. semuanya bener banget chel, semuanya aku alamin juga huhu, emang lagi umurnya x ya >.<

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