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Demi Lovato - Demi Album

Demi is the fourth album by Demi Lovato. So far, I love her new music album, but not as much as I like her previous third album, Unbroken.

Track Listing

01. Heart Attack
02. Made In the USA
03. Without the Love
04. Neon Lights
05. Two Pieces
06. Nightingale
07. In Case
08. Really Don’t Care (ft Cher Lloyd)
09. Fire Starter
10. Something That We’re Not
11. Never Been Hurt
12. Shouldn’t Come Back
13. Warrior

Favourite Tracks

1. Heart Attack

After I listened to the whole tracks in this album, I know this song should be released as the lead single. Her voice while singing the tune of 'O' part in 'Glow' & 'Show' somehow is so strong. This part makes me wanna repeat one 'Heart Attack' everytime. Hahaha.

2. Really Don't Care

I found this as my second favourite song because I like how the first beat repeated very beautifully. Eventhough I feel Cher Lloyd's part is kinda like Nicki Minaj overtune's sound, but it doesn't matter. The lyrics even so catchy to listen. I recommended you to hear this song.

3. Something That We're Not

Other upbeat songs you can enjoy are Neon Light, Never Been HurtMade in the USA. They are great, but I like Neon Light & Never Been Hurt more than Made in the USA. Hahaha. It's up to your music taste.

And, if you want to listen slow/ballad song from Demi, I recommended Warrior. It slightly reminds me Beautiful from Christina Aguilera. Second great song is Nightingale. Two Pieces is good too. At first when you listening to this song, maybe many person will misheard this song as 'A Thousand Years', but it's completely different.

Demi's new album is a little bit same but different in unique ways than previous album 'Unbroken'. I am proud of Demi and this album. The variety of her music and her ability in writing the catchy lyrics make this album complete. You can prove it by listening to her new album. Almost all tracks are good to listen.


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  1. wow!!! i love Demi Lovato eversince i watched her in camp rock!!
    thanks for sharing her album song!! love her new single heart attack!!
    following you!
    hope you can see if my blog is worth following too

  2. yeah, me too love heart attack, hehee.
    thanks Ann ;D i've followed your blog too.

  3. Demi has some really catchy songs! She's changed a lot since her Disney Days!

  4. i agree with you pop champagne. she's changed a lot her music style and luckily i love it so much :D

  5. Hi Marchella,
    I enjoyed reading your trendy blog. Not being of your generation I am more inclined to pay attention to 60's music but I recognized this song :) The topics you discuss are great for keeping me more in tune with my granddaughter. Thanks! We have in common a love of swapbot-bot, and I found your blog through the Follow Me #11. I'll be stopping by again, he-he :)

    1. Thankyouu for your lovely comment :)
      I'm glad you like it