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The Croods (2013)

Ayee, The Croods ! Wanna get back into the stone age? Wanna follow a caveman family's journey? Meet this very first modern family, The Croods :D

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Release date : 22 March 2013
Time : 98 Minutes

a brief storyline

This is a story about caveman's family names Croods that has survived by being careful and staying in their cave at night. Grug (Nicolas Cage) as a father always reminds his family to stay wary, while Eep (Emma Stone) as her daughter always love discovering new things.Until, there are erruption and downfalls in the area where they live. So, The Croods must go through another journey in search of a new home. Fortunately, Guy (Ryan Reynolds), the modern man who Eep meets is willing to help The Croods to follow the sun and search a goal that called tomorrow.

Eep: "My name's Eep and this is my family, the Croods. We never had the chance to explore 
the outside world because of my dad's one rule: Never leave the cave.We never had a chance to explore the outside world, but what we didn't know was that our world was about to change."

a fair review

I always love animation movie. That's not mean I'm childish, right? Sometimes, animation movie like this always gives us more moral to learn. That's what I like. 

So, this animation is brilliant. Looks at the variety of the creatures, they are so different. After that, the green land with so many colorful animals and plants are covering the big screen. Feels like in the fresh forest. I can feel how this movie brings me into their imagination land.

The characters of each family member 'The Croods' are superb. Grug, the father, however like some conservative parents who wants to keep everybody safe at home. He doesn't know how to face the rebellion teenager like Eep. Eep is just like who we are : want to know everything new, want to discover the world and want to grow. Until Eep meets Guy, I think this is when a spark feeling called love was exist. How a girl admire a boy and vice versa. Guy is so modern man. He can invent many things to survive. Essentially, I like a man who knows how to survive with brain, like Guy :D

Then, there she is, mother Ugga who still respect his husband but also give him direction. She is so wise and so mother. Thunk, the goofy boy but obedient while Sandy, the animalistic and wild baby : They are the complete family with a granny. I remember the first scene about breakfast-hunting, ohh, that's such a sweet family who knows each other role.

a brief closure

Overall, I love The Croods. I don't recommend you to watch in 3D, just watch in 2D. The Croods isn't about a prehistoric family but also delivers a sweet message about family and how new things can change our life. This is another film which everyone can watch from younger child until adult. First ever animation movie this year that is so sweet. Pure magic from DreamWorks. This is just my opinion who love watching animation movie, FYI :D

Rating : 8/10


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