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G.I. Joe Retaliation (2013)

Before watched this G.I Joe 2, guess what? I haven't watched the first G.I Joe. I understand the story without having to watch the first G.I Joe. This movie is absolutely entertaining especially all the over-the-top action scenes.

Genre : Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Release Date : 28th March 2013
Running Time : 1 Hour 30 Minute

a brief storyline

In this sequel, G.I Joe of course must fight their mortal enemy, Cobra. Fake President (Zartan from Cobra) causes G.I Joes to get ambushed. Unfortunately, there are only 3 Joes left, Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson), Lady Jaye (Adrienne Palicki) and Flint (DJ Cotrona). Things are going worse because Storm Shadow (Lee Byung Hun) and Firefly (Ray Stevenson) rescued Cobra Commander. Fake President (also Cobra Commander) wants to launch nuclear missils in order to cause world chaotic. While Joes recruits another member, General Joe Colton (Bruce Willis), Storm Shadow with Jinx and Snake Eyes kindly help Joes to defeat the Fake President.

a fair review

(*maybe contains spoiler) Truthfully, I had a good time with this movie because of its amazing action scenes. Gun-shooting scenes, sword scenes between Snake Eye and Storm Shadow, flying around steep cliffs are all satisfying my visual entertainment.

Fyi, before I review this, I have watched the first G.I. Joe (noted). For whoever watched first G.I Joe, I think they will feel disappointment due to this second movie. How come? All techy-geek weapons in first G.I Joe are all gone. You just see guns, weapons, swords, big biceps, and pretty girls :D

I think Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock is really owning this movie. So does Adrienne Palicki as Lady Jaye. Good thing is, they acts well along with DJ Cotrona as Flint. Sometimes, I miss Channing Tatum as Duke. He died and just showed around 15 minutes I think. Forget anyway, there's still my favourite character : Storm Shadow. I think just him and Snake Eye who are the permanent characters since first G.I Joe.

a brief closure

Not in a rush to watch this movie in 3D, 2D is very okay. The first G.I Joe is better than this second installment, eventhough the first G.I Joe isn't as good as another action movie. I am also not an action die-hard fans, so what I can tell is just "I enjoyed watching G.I Joe Retaliation without the need of watching first G.I Joe". 

Roadblock : In the immortal words of Jay-Z: "Whatever deity may guide my life, Dear Lord don't let me die tonight!"

Rating : 6,5 / 10


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