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Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Welcoming December, I watched Rise of the Guardians yesterday. It's been a long time i watch a movie in 3D, but it's worth. Good to see Rise of the Guardians. Again, I am always falling in love with any animation movie.

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Family
Running Time : 97 Minute
Release Date : 21st November 2012

a brief storyline

before, there were 4 guardians who always take care all of children in earth. They are North Santa, Easter Bunny, Sandman, and Tooth Fairy. They all represent Christmas, Easter, Dream & Hope. Unlike the others, Jack Frost is a loner, a rebel, but also has a warm heart to protect the children. When evil spirit, Pitch Black appears to threaten all the children with bad dream, Jack Frost, the chosen from Man of the Moon, must join forces with other 4 guardians. They must protect the hopes, beliefs, and imagination of children all around the world.
North : "We go by many names, and take many forms. We bring wonder and hope, we bring joy and dreams. We are the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy, we are the Easter Bunny, and Santa. And our powers are greater than you ever imagine."


as you can see the movie posters, it can tell how the characters are all beautiful and pretty instead. especially,  Jack Frost. ohh, how come, how come, Jack Frost is so cool like a real boy. i admire Jack Frost so much. hahaha. i collect Jack Frost images and wanna share with you. here they are.

the smirk. ohh, so cool and frosty :D

okay, stop here. stop jack frosty things. ahahha. overall, i enjoy watching this movie, even in 3D. many little children are coming to watch the animation. Rise of the Guardians won their heart. the storyline is so simple. fun to watch because there are some jokes in it. yetis and elves are the most funniest things. in my opinion, elves here looks alike minions in Despicable Me, clumsy, annoying yet funny.

go watch Rise of the Guardians and have some fun. nice to watch. if you ask me, which one i like the most, rise of the guardians, brave, and despicable me? they are all my favourites, but rise of the guardians is behind brave and despicable me in storyline.

"If the moon told you so, believe it." - Jack Frost


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