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Detention (2011) Review & Free Download Link

I am very sure this movie releasing again is because Josh Hutcherson, male lead actor in The Hunger Games (2012). Since he is so popular, his all old movies are releasing, like The Forger and this movie Detention.
Because i am one of Josh Hutcherson's fan (yeay!), i surely have to watch one of his movies, like Detention.

Genre : Horror, Comedy, Teen

a brief story :

This is a story about students from Grizzly Lake High School are being terrorized by a killer named Cinderhella. Josh Hutcherson as Clapton Davis and Shanley Caswell as Riley and also their friends who got detention from Principal Verge have to find out who is Cinderhella. Clapton and Riley take a time capsul to go back in the past of 1992. And the story goes more..

characters :

Josh Hutcherson is actually one and only reason why people want to watch this movie, i swear ! by the way, he acts well here. i like it. and the way he kisses Ione : wtf ! i want one. he perfectly plays well as Clapton Davis. Joseph Kahn is true. If you wanna know Josh Hutcherson as well, just see him as Clapton Davis :D

Shanley Caswell is cute. She reminds me of Shailene Woodley. I just want to see her again in any movies. Hope so. She plays well as Riley. If it isn't a movie, i believe Shanley is Riley, she's just so natural.

comments & recommends

actually the movie is fifty fifty to me. its kinda lame but still good. completely a random movies. but i still have fun with the movies. scene by scene takes beautiful. scary? not at all. pretty romantic?yes, kinda. just have some fun while watching this movie. oh yeah, this movie is kind of parodies like Vampires Sucks, Scary Movie, and other. there are some good quotes in this movie too :D 
anyway in the end, i just want to say this is one of good teen movies. pop teen movies :D

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