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StreetDance 2 (2012)

if i have to choose which one of these two dance movies i like, StreetDance and Step Up, i'm sorry i can't. they are actually have different style in plot and dance moves.

i just bought a DVD "StreetDance 2". it reminds me of StreetDance 1 which i love it so much. Step Up Revolution also just release their movie. StreetDance 2 first to review

first thing to say, there isn't a brief story or plot i have to say. i watch dance movies just for entertaining my eyes and my ears.  just watch the dance moves and just hear the catchy music.

honestly, i prefer StreetDance 1 than StreetDance 2. more energetic, more good and beat songs, and a lot more nicee moves. StreetDance 2 shows other sides of dance and yes, it is a fusion dance inspiring from Latin dance. it comes great actually in the end of battle. Salsa and Street Dance.

imma bit inspired from Latin dance, not just showing your sexyness, your energy, and the music rhytym. it's all about trust. making your partner looks beautifully while dancing.


my favourite character is definitely Eva ! she is amazing. when she comes to dance, everything was perfect. her body is so sexy, her moves is so perfect. she is not pretty, but, arghh, makes me jealous. just see her dancing, you will like it.

the main lead actor, ugh, i just don't like his character. but yeah, he's still has his good body and handsome too.

the whole movie was great. i like it. it just spends 1 hour more. don't too much waste your time. but once again i have to say, if you search for a good plot or a nice story but not the dance moves, sorry, this is not recommended. but if you a salsa lover, a tango lover, or others latin dance lover, just watch the movies. one thing i tell you, just watch this in 2d :D


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