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Rooftop Prince

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Rooftop Prince
Genre : Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Romance

A brief storyline :

A Crown Prince of Joseon Dynasty jumps to our present time to resolve the murder of Crown Princess. He falls into a girl's rooftop house and slowly combine the missing piece about the murder of Crown Princess.

Main cast :

Micky Yoochun  as  Lee Gak ( Crown Prince ) / Tae Yong
Han Ji Min  as  Park Ha ( Crown Princess' Sister ) / Bu Yong
Lee Tae Sung  as Tae Mu
Jung Yoo Mi  as  Se Na ( Crown Princess ) / Hwa Yong
Lee Min Ho  as  Song Man Bo 
Jung Suk Won  as  Woo Yong Sul 
Choi Woo Shik  as  Do Chi San 

Reasons why you should watch this drama : 

1. Comedy Factor
While other k-dramas are featuring romance and drama wholefully, i love how the comedy is being inserted into half of full episodes. From episode 2, this movie is succesfully bringing me into 'ROFL' type. Yes, laughing so hard. This is because 4 Joseon People who learn to get used to this present time activity. Yong Sul is the most funny character that can makes me laugh so hard. Crown Prince, Yong Sul, Man Bo, and Chi San are called Joseon Rangers by viewers. Seriously, i love the scenes when they're coming out.

High Five Fail ! LOL :D

2. Mystery Factor
Crown Prince with his 3 soldiers from Joseon finally come to this present time in order to solve the mystery of Crown Princess' murdered. The story line leads us together to think and to solve this mystery quizzes : Who died : Crown Princess or Not? Who killed ? Why killed? Why Joseon Rangers come into this present time? How they solve the mystery? How's the ending ? This is interesting, while we enjoy watching the movie, we also predict so many things about the mystery. I personally love unpredictable story line.

3. Character
What can i say is, this is the first time all characters get the same portion in the movie. Not only centered to 1 or 2 person, but almost all the characters have their roles. Both protagonis and antagonis play their roles well.

4. Trend & Fashion
Rooftop Prince brings some trends into viewers nowadays. Eating Ramyun, Eating Omurice, Drinking Yogurt, Eating Ice Cream, Drinking Coffee, Turnip Doll, even Samsung Galaxy Note ! All are in !
Don't say about fashion too. Male characters and Female characters are both bringing their fashion trends so well.

Just looking at this, NOW, i wanna eat Ramyun tooooo
Drink soju first then spray whip cream in your mouth. Tastes sweet

I recommend this movie so much ! 
Go watch Rooftop Prince :)


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