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Wrath of The Titans (2012)

The Sequel of Clash of The Titans

a brief summary :

the film revisits Perseus, a half-god son of Zeus, in his life becoming a human. because human is no longer at all pray to god, so they are loosening their power as soon. Zeus' powers has been stolen to release the titan Kronos from his imprisonment. Kronos is Zeus' father, the king of titans. Hades, who wants to steal Zeus power to release his father is afraid of power loosening, that's why he wants to release Kronos. In case, Perseus with Agenor and Andromeda are going to safe Zeus and attacking Kronos.

comment :

who doesn't like and who doesn't get interested with Greek Mythology? the ancient Greeks gave the world science, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, democracy and another whole bunch of useful things. the Greeks has theirs own Gods for eveything. 

  • The special effects are briliant. Watch in 3d would be satisfy i think. 
  • Queen Andromeda is PERFECTO ! I love brave woman ! Her acting is so GOOD. Also Sam Worthington again as Perseus is GOOD too. You know, the man who plays Hades is Voldemort in Harry Potter. Hahaa.

  • Maybe lots of people said that the script or the dialogue is so boring, but still there are some jokes in film. Not to worry. Agenor is the joke :D

    Helius  : I heard you were a great disappointment.
    Agenor: Yes, I am great.
  • Honestly, in simple way, i enjoy the movie
recommend :

try to watch Wrath of The Titans in 3d, guys. they have special effects. Wrath of The Titans is NICER than the first sequel, Clash of The Titans. but sure, Wrath of The Titans still can't be defeated by The Hunger Games in Box Office. teehee :D


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