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Man on a Ledge

I know it's so late to review this film, buth it's worth for :D

a brief summary :

an ex-cop names Nick Cassidy escapes from prison and threatens to jump off a ledge if he isn't able to prove he's innocent. police then calls a female police psychologist, Lydia Mercer to talk him down from a ledge. while he is standing on a ledge, his brother and his girlfriend, Nick and Angie are trying to find a proof that Nick is innocent. Nick is accused guilty of stealing Monarch's diamond.

comments :

this movie was a fun, entertaining, yet thrilling. it was great watching the movie.
what i can say is i think people just so concerned to Nick and Angie ! yes, they're stealing our attention in this movie. 
how they sneak into Englander's are really interesting. seriously. especially Genesis Rodriguez who plays Angie. She's so HOT ! really. FYI, Elizabeth Banks as Lydia Mercer is so cool too ! Elizabeth Banks will play as Effie Trinket in Hunger Games later. OH MY :D

fortunately, this movie has a good ending :D happy ending i mean.
if you curious whether Nick can or can't prove he's innocent, watch this movie then :D
anyway, again. i love Genesis Rodriguez. i want so bad her skills to sneak in anyplace.

drolling LOL


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