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John Carter (2012) Movie Stills

 Lost in Our World. Found in Another
a brief summary :

John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is transplanted to Mars a.k.a Barsoom by a medallion in a cave of gold. He discovers the strange inhabitants, starts from the creature, the green skinned warlike nomads known as the Tharks and also the kingdom there. Zodanga and Helium are the kingdoms that exist in Barsoom. Mysteriously, Carter becomes much stronger and able to jump further and higher due to less gravity. As time passes by, he must figure out how to get back home, but eventually meets some problems. He must fight against Zodanga which will destroy Helium and also Barsoom. John Carter with Tharks' people and also Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, fight against Zodanga.


comments : 

John Carter is a Good Movie. Go watch it ! Such a great fantasy & science fiction film. Based on a hundred year old character from book Princess of Mars, John Carter is really epic. I do like science fiction film, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Tron, or others, it feels like enlarge your widen knowledge about planet. When Dejah Thoris mentions about planet Barsoom and Jasoom, we simply remember and say itself it is Mars and Earth. 

About the character, Lynn Collins who plays Dejah Thoris is such a stunning character in this movie. I just love her. She's beautiful really with her long black hair. And also Tars Tharkas, the green one. Tars Tharkas is very funny. I remembered how he slapped Carter's head ! LOL. Woola, like-dog creatures which moves very fast is also attract me.

John Carter and Woola
Recommend : 
Ignore the critics ! Just go watch this movie :) I enjoyed so much the adventure. 
Turn Around Dejah Thoris. Love it :)


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