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Easy A (2010)

whoa. eventhough i am just now watching Easy A, i admit this movie is totally GOOD ! i love how the meaning showed up in this movie :D yet, this week is all about love. yes, tomorrow 14 is Valentine Day. huray.

a brief summary :

this is Olive. she's a clean and pure high school student while other students are calling themself "grown-up" by having sex. because of this purity or what they call "pious", Olive gets behind or invisible. one day, she has to lied about already been having sex with a college student. lose her virginity. just LIE ! the rumour spreads so fast and finally Olive had fallen into this lie game. 

comments :

the central topic of this maybe about lose virginity, but there isn't any skinship scene or sex scene. that's i wanna talk about. no sex scene but deep meaning. nice :D
i can see how family and a teacher can be supportive to the kid.

i can see how there is still one man who loves you what you are. and it doesn't matter whether u haven't already yet to have an intimity, you still can wait until the perfect time. oh i love this.

Emma Stone. I love her acting. she's such a great actress. love her deep voice. sexy :D

Penn Bedgely. although his curly hair is freaky, but love her GREAT body. workout, dude :D

OKAY. i will tell you that i add some vocabulary words in movie review. we do learn, cause i'm Indonesian :D

vocabulary :

mundane : of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one [ duniawi ]
abominable : very bad; terrible [ mengerikan ]


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