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superhero things? telekinetical ability?

a brief summary :

There are 3 friends who gain supernatural power from their discovery. Andrew, Matt, and Steven. because of these supernatural power or they called these a telekinetical ability, they get many high-low experiences. bad or good, they have to approve this superhero things is slowly ruin their whole life, include their friendship. how this 3 friends deal with this dark side of supernatural thingy ?

some little notes :

I have a blurry comment about this movie, Chronicle. actually, this movie is produced with low budget, so there are many self-cam of Andrew Detmer. kind of dizzy sometimes but still a good camera perspective. you will see a lot of  intense action and violence scenes. yes, violence !

After watching and walking out from cinemas, i bet you all do imagine to have a supernatural power. the ability to move away all goods, to fly around the sky, blow away all goods and et cetera. cause i'm doin it. ahahahah. fortunately, this movie has a good ending.

everyone who watch this probably have different comments, whether this is a SHIT or a FVKING GOOD movie ever. just try watch yourself and give your comment :D

Don't ever ask your younger brother or sister to watch this movie together ! It's somewhat not appropriate.

Rate :  3,5 / 5


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