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videoediting is recent addict

i'm a bit puzzled what i must write on here
since there no more GOOD movies i want to review.
sucks =.=

i'm abandoning my blog quite a long time. a big NO ~.~

well, lets share my recent addict now.
its Video Editing. hohoho.

i dont know why i love editing video.
editing video is really full of your imaginary concepts and your creativity .
what you want digitalize what do you want to realize it in a screen.

here some video editing software i recently use
  1. CyberLink Power Director
  2. Ulead Video Studio
  3. Adobe After Effects

* Other Video Editing Software that is good too : Corel & Pinacle and also Final Cut for Mac users.

  1. Learn the basic first about the software u use for editing videos. its a must.
  2. Learn tutorial if u dont have any idea what do u want to make.
  3. Make a draft what do u want to show into a frame.
  4. Often see creative video in youtube or other videodownloader :)
  5. FULL INTENTION is a need, because its really a tiring activity and can make you addicted into.
  6. Choose video editing software that you suitable in.

Suggestion :
  • For beginner, learn the basic . Software you can use is ULead, Windows Movie Maker, PowerDirector.
  • For advanced, learn the effect making. Use After Effects ! Its really delicate yet challenging.

Web Suggestion : for creating video online & free


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