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" You Again " Late Review

late review :)
two weeks ago i watched this movie on dvd
" You Again "

genre : drama comedy

i was interested by seeing the cover.
complicated because there are 4 women and tearing each other photos.
so, the cover is win ! make me want to watch this movie.
yet other tell the movie is good.

tells about a silly-not beautiful-not popular girl, names Marni and a popular-pretty-but mean girl, names Joanna.

when Marni realizes her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, Joanna, she sets out to expose the fiancée's true colors.
and actually, Marni's mother is about to take a little fight too with Joanna's mother.

by revealing these 2 facts, will the marriage of Marni's brother with the woman whose Marni hates about gonna be alright?
and you all can guess this question's answer.
YES ! and all of them not in quarrel anymore.

finally, i got what the cover means.

i can't say any comments on this movie.
just good in my opinion.


what can i learn from this movie :

1st. how to please parents-in-law ! Joanna is very succesful on making this work good.

2nd. it's so waste of time to take revenge on your enemies. just be slowly approaching them to make them realize who is making mistake.

3rd. you must change yourself and prove it to WORLD that you can DO BETTER, you are PRETTY, and you are a SUCCESSFUL person ! yeahh !


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