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new new LIKEY these week

yey. i found 2 new interesting thingie in web.
so much delighted


i found a digital issue web. many magazines here ! and digital books also. yipiiiee..
for info : all are international editions, from many country

check & CLICK here --->


i found a software from google that attracts me. seems it suits for architecture or interior design student. here is for you.
Google Sketch Up

for info you can read here -> products detail
coz i haven't used this software yet. later, i will use and give a comments about this :)
for example you can watch this.

very attractive, isn't it? u can make cool stuff, design a new furniture, redecorate your home, and many other things

here's examples i got from google images.

i can't stand to try it ! lets download and try try try.
even i am not an architecture student. hihihi :D

well..i will go to Carita Beach for 2 days with my lovely friends at BNCC.
see u wit some stories and pictures later.


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