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gamaliel & audrey : i love u all

gosh ! i love them. their beautiful voices, their unique voices.
i can't stand for it.

they sing pop rnb music covers. and these 2 my favourite songs & video

u know. Gamaliel is Audrey's Brother. Gamaliel is 19 and Audrey is 17.
and we must proud of them, Indonesian teenagers who can sing well and so well

Gamaliel plays guitar and sings so cool ! his voice is like Chris Brown i think or other rnb male singers. so does Audrey. They both so GOOD and GOOD in singing & playing guitar.also in speaking English fluently. #.#

just click these below

Gamaliel & Audrey Official Youtube ( to watch their GREAT videos )
Gamaliel & Audrey Facebook fans page ( to become fans )


for info : they both perform at Harmoni SCTV last night :) people there give standing applause tp them. yuhuu. they're famous for their talent. GOOD JOB !


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