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Gosh ! Inception.

i already watched it.
and guess what.
this is the first film that i MUST watch again to understand all the story what about is.

for full synopsis you can see in here

i can't tell you anything. because i'm too busy to understand the subtitles. hohoho.
but overall. this film can make your brain works.

what i like is the storyline is really going flawless. COOL.
and then now. the movie makes me want to know about DREAM.

because in this film is all about DREAM in DREAM, MEMORY,and REALITY.
really isnt easy to follow. i tell you, you must prepare your brain, watch out and set your eyes also mind. hhahahaa.

and for the casts.

i like Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays as Arthur. damn so COOL and SMART type of man. hehhee.

i also adore Ellen Page in here. She takes the role as Ariadne, the smartest architecture student.

i become realize that Leonardo Dicaprio is older than before. the last i watch him acted in Revolutionary Road.

finally, the critics and viewers all like it.and so do i.
eventhough i'm a little not understand, but i got what this movie want to tell us about WHAT STORY it is.

try to find out,which one is dream or reality



Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.


  1. nonton film 500 days of summer...the best film of joseph gordon tuh

    anyway...harga metal spinner di ebay mahal euy wkwkwk

  2. iya..500 days of summer juga mantap tuh filmnya..

    wew.trnyata metal spinnernya dijual??keren nohhh ><

  3. agree!!
    inception is great.. and the ending is very christopher nolan..
    but shutter island confused me more.. LOL..
    and btw, kok kenal ama miko??

  4. endingnya gantung gantung tpi kebayang..hahhaha.
    itu kenal lewat blog,ci erlia..
    hohoho :D

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