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Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief part 2

the casts

  • Logan Wade Lerman (born January 19, 1992) is an American teen actor from California. YEAH ! ( fan-girling time noww ) hahaaa

  • Alexandra Daddario roles as Annabeth. Daddario/s has its etymological roots in the Greek word :D she has a big blue beautiful eyes. love it

  • Brandon T.Jackson roles as Grover, the funniest in this movie. i laughed a lot because of him :D

do you know ??

Pierce Brosnan as Chiron was terrific. It was cool to see him in a role as a mentor, not a ladies man secret agent. next, he will act in The Ghost Writer.

Uma Thurman as Medusa. She did well portraying Medusa as someone other than a hideous monster. Her scenes “Sneak a Peek” were terrifically terrifying. don;t even try open your eyes or you would be a sculpture :D

Steve Coogan and Rosario Dawson were great as Hades and Persephone. Persephone wasn’t in the book. I remember Grover said Hades cool like Mick Jagger. hahahhaa

Sean Bean and Kevin Mckidd as Zeus and Poseidon. They didn’t get a whole lot of screen time, but they were great nonetheless. And Kevin Mckidd, when he’s talking to Percy at the end, he was great trying to get Percy to see his side of things, that he had his duties as a god, and couldn’t be there for Percy.

in the end . i love the trio. percy, grover, and annabeth :D


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  1. wow uda nnt ya, kayaknya keren dehh ni fillmm, pengen nnt. :D

  2. iya..bagus koq filmnya..hehehe..
    recommended xD