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Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief part 1


finally i watched movies at the cinema today !
i'm extremely happy :D

i love the way of the story -> adventure and comedy :D

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief is based on Greek Mitology.
eventhough i don't understand about the Greek Mitology, i enjoyed the part and watched so much the scenes :D

Greek's God are Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, and others.

i'm curious about this mitology. soon, i want to search and find out about this coquettish mitology. hahahaa :D

in the beginning, the lightning bolt is lost.
zeus thinks poseidon or his son steals it.
so, zeus will set a war if the lightning bolt is not returned back to his hand.

Percy Jackson is a demigod ( half human, half God ). he's the son of Poseidon, but he's in human's world.

he's being accused by other GOD that he stole the lightning bolt.
from here, monsters are began to appear and took the lightning bolt from his hand.

When Percy Jackson discoveres it, he sets out on an adventure in order to convince that the lightning ball is not in his hand. he went with his 2friends, another demigod too, Annabeth and Grover :D

is the lightning thief found? do they survive until the end of the adventure?

just go watch it then :D

  • if u have read the book, may be u will be dissapointed. but for u who haven't read the book and haven't heard / just knew a little about Greek's Mitology, i bet you will LOVE it ! hehehhehe.
  • there're a lot of FUNNY scenes. i laughed a lot because of Grover :D he's the way too funny.

to be continued :D


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  1. lighting bolt! not ball! :P

  2. hahahhahaaa :D thx for the correction

  3. It's not mitology. It's mythology.