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Transformer 2 : Revenge of The Fallen (2009)

Three Thumbs up !!

more robots
more wars between
Autobots & Decepticon
more histories about The Dynasty of Primes
funny robot scenes
more GREAT effects (wondering how it could be like that)
and more
sexiness of Megan Fox ^^

So.. Sam Witwicky heads off to college to continue a normal life, leaving behind his Autobot guardian Bumblebee and his girlfriend Mikaela Banes.

He finds a piece of the Allspark, which he gives to Mikaela for safekeeping. Sam meets his college roommate, Leo Spitz, who runs an alien conspiracy website.
Because of the piece of Allspark, Sam can read Cybertronian symbols.

A Decepticon intelligence officer, hacks into a satellite to eavesdrop on the NEST forces, learning the location of the dead Decepticon leader Megatron and another piece of the AllSpark. Then.. Megatron is arising.

Megatron flies through space to a Decepticon spacecraft, where he is reunited with Starscream and his master, the Fallen. The Fallen instructs Megatron to capture Sam, as his mind now contains the Allspark's knowledge.

Sam and his friends have to find what's the Cybertronian symbols are before Decepticon caught him..

Well.. ada kejadian yg mengejutkan di tengah2 film..but i can't tell you what it is =p

Transformer 2 is Mega Mega Super Cool than the first sequel..
You feel the smell of war between robots.

Awesoming ^^

The Sets are in Egypt ( Giza Pyramid & Luxor Temple), Jordan , Shanghai, France , and other Air Forces Bases =)

I give 4 stars for this film..

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Favorite Score from Transformer 2 : Prime , Nest, Einstein Wrong

The Autobots are :

* Optimus Prime : alternate mode of a blue Peterbilt truck

* Bumblebee : alternate mode of Chevrolet Camaro

* Ironhide : transforms into GMC Topkick

* Ratchet

* Arcee ( female transformers ) that transforms into pink Ducati 848, Suzuki B King 2008 & MV Agusta F4

* Mudflap and Skids ( Twin ) : alternate mode of Chevrolet Trax & Chevrolet Beat

* Jetfire

* Sideswipe

Shia Lebouf & Megan Fox Sneek Peek Photos

Beautiful Mikaeela

Our races, united by a history long forgotten, and a future we shall face together.
I am Optimus Prime, and i send this message so that our past will always be remembered. For in these memories, we live on.
- Optimus Prime -


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