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5 Reasons Why You Must Watch "You Who Came From The Stars"

Recentlly, I'm a bit crazy about one of popular Korean Drama, which is still airing there, the title is  "You Who Came From The Stars". I will give your 5 reasons why you must watch this K-Drama.

First. Thank you to great actors & actresses. Especially Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon and Jeon Ji Hyeon as Cheon Song Yi. They are such a great lead actor and actress. For you who have watched "The Thieves", of course you've already known who is Kim Soo Hyun & Jeon Ji Hyeon. I love them so much. They act wholeheartedly like the character is real for me. Their chemistry is also perfect as a lover, seriously. I like the craziness Jeon Ji Hyeon bring out naturally while she acts as Cheon Song Yi. I laugh a lot. I like the cool factor Kim Soo Hyun show up while he acts as an Alien Professor Do Min Joon.

Second. Interesting storyline and sweet lovestory. I seldom watch alien based Korean Drama, this is the first. The combination of how an alien lives from Joseon Era until this Modern Era makes me more interested. Oh, there is one thing comes up differently, some of the storyline and script come from a children book, "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." And randomly suits the storyline of Do Min Joon & Cheon Song Yi's love story. Daebak ! Other than that, I really praise the script writer or director or who is showing up too-sweet love story. I feel really ENVY with that capslock letter, seriously.

Third. Lovable Soundtrack. Every drama needs some memorable soundtrack to increase their popularity,isn't it? And for me, all the soundtracks I listen from this drama are really lovable.

1. Lyn - My Destiny
2. K.Will - Like A Star

3. Hyorin - Hello Goodbye

4. JUST - I Love You

5. Sung Si Kyung - Every Moment of You

Fourth. Fashionable Sets. Who doesn't love man in suit? Do Min Joon's style is really hot. I love how his personal drama stylist make him so handsome with those suits and coats. I also love all Cheon Song Yi's fashionable dress, pyjamas, and t-shirts. I am personally in love more with Cheon Song Yi's lipstick color. They are very bright and pretty. I know now why Do Min Joon always wants to kiss Song Yi, hahaha.

Fifth. Good quotes, good CGI, good supporting actor & actress.

Two more episodes left. Sigh. I hope it has a happy ending.


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  1. Nice! I actually saw one of my friends watching this on her phone during one of our gatherings a few weeks ago. I kind of liked what I saw and would maybe watch this when I have some free time :)

    1. You should watch this drama, Czarina ! I'm enjoying so much since the first episode :)

  2. Iope nya bagus warna merahnya. Aduh pengen. *salahfokus*

    1. Lipstiknyaa iyaa bagus yaaa,Cel. hahaha. *ikutsalahfokus*

  3. haha.. since you wrote this, okay i'll go watch it! lol

    1. Tell me if you have finished watching this drama, hahaha xD

  4. Waahh .I watch this show too.Pretty okkay so far wasnt the best drama ever watch.

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