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Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) Korean Movie

Gosh, I know I'm such an easily crying girl, but this movie REALLY breaks your heart. Damn, I'm in a sobbing mess while watching this !

a brief storyline

Yong Goo, a mentally ill father who accused of murder and rape successfully brings in her 7 years old daughter, Ye Seung, of course with a help by some friendly criminals in his cell. In this cell number 7, they have a mission to protect these two Father-Daughter and also to prove Yong Goo isn't a murder. Will they succeed?

a fair review

OH MY ! This movie absolutely wins my heart. Every single scene successfully makes my heart flutter. Hats off to every actors in here, especially Ryu Seung Ryong ! His acting as a mentally ill father is really perfect. He isn't just bringing the character of a mentally ill father but also a character of father who loves her daughter so well. I also adore Kal So Won as Ye Seung child ! How can this cute little girl can act like that? She is very cute and smart, like her character. I can really feel the father-daughter bond.

Everyone must be thinking at first that criminals in cell with Yong Goo are bad, but they aren't. In the end, all bad person in cell, including prisoner chief, are helping Yong Goo. I think it's because a sincere love between a father and a daughter.

a brief conclusion

For me, it's really a beautiful movie. It's really nice I can watch this movie before 2013 ended. And fortunately, I didn't watch this movie in cinema. I can shed tears, I can sob and I can cry freely. Saddest movie I ever watched in 2013. Just try to watch it. Recommended. Tell me, if you are not crying while watching this movie. I just want to know why.

ARGH ! I wanna CRY T_T

Rating : 9/10


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  1. I also cried watching this movie! I just can't help it. It's too sad T________T

  2. Oh my gosh I need to watch this!

    1. Hey, Tasha. Go watch this movie and prepare tissue. It's really a sad movie T__T