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Incoming Christmas Mail #1

Christmas is coming everyone. Do you still send Christmas card to your love one? I think Christmas card has been replaced with so many text messages or online messages. So here they are, I got some Christmas card from another country, let's take a look.

This is from United States. I love that Santa stamp in front of the envelope.
I got UNICEF Christmas Card. I love how sender write me Christmas greetings in many languages, esp. in Chinese & Korean.

This is my favorite Christmas card anyway. I love every dog details in it. Thank you so much to the sender from United States.


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.


  1. i LOVELOVELOVE christmas, i always make christmas cards and give them to my loved ones :D i sometimes put some sweets with the card too... it's just lovely to see their expressions receiving christmas cards^^ your cards are totally cute and sooo adorable :3 i like the dog photo and the first one with the cute santa the most :)

    merry christmas to you :D

    1. Yes, I agree, the feeling when you see your loved ones smile happily because of your christmas card is really amazing.
      Me too, I really love those christmas cards. Merry christmas Gabrielle :D

  2. The dog is so cute :D


  3. Those cards are adorable. I personally love the topmost one. I hope you have an amazing Holiday! :D

    - Niariel, Swap-Bot (:

    1. Yes yes, they are really adorable :D Thank you for coming to my blog. Happy holiday to you, Niariel :D

  4. I don't do much in the way of Christmas cards . I send and recieve a few on Swap Bot, but that's about it. I did send a couple out to friends this year, but not many. My grandmother often sends cards.

    I love the dog one, my aunt has a golden retriever who I bet would pose on his back for a card, if a treat were involved :)

    Stephanie - Follow me 21