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Ender's Game (2013)

Seems like outer-space-theme movie is quite popular now in 2013. We've already seen Oblivion, Star Trek and Gravity. Now, Ender's Game will make its position into one of good outer-space-theme movie too. Some said, Ender's game is a combination of Star Wars-Harry Potter-Hunger Games. But, for me it's more a combination of Star Wars-Harry Potter-Divergent.

Genre : Science Fiction, Action, Adventure. Fantasy
Running Time : 114 min

a brief storyline

The chosen one, Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is trained at Battle School to fighting off the alien race called "Formics". He is trained by Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) and later by Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley) who have known as a hero because he's already cut off the first attack by Formics. Ender Wiggin is recruited to lead his fellow soldiers to determine the future of Earth.

"We need minds like yours, Ender. You'll be the finest commander we've ever trained."
a fair review

Ender's Game has chosen very well its main actor, Asa Butterfield (this boy also did a great acting in "Hugo"). He is perfectly fit the character of Ender Wiggin, a genious young boy who apparently knows how to please everyone, especialy the superior one. I can clearly see how Ender Wiggin thinks, feels, and executes his plans or strategies by his blue eyes and his cautios expression. It's really brilliant.

Luckily, Asa Butterfield is surrounded by superb actors too, like Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley. Both actors, of course, did a great job in this movie. Maybe, Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham should have appear more since he is also the hero. His character is very lacking. Other child actors and actresses like Hailee Stainfeld as Petra, Moises Arias as Benzo, Abigail Breslin as Valentine, Aramis Knight as Bean, and Suraj Parthasarathy as Alai also manage a great performance.

The first plotline susccesfully makes you know well about who Ender Wiggin is and how he can handle his anger & aggresive action. The storyline itself is quite interesting, we know the earth this time, surely needs the intelligence of young people. Am I true? hahaa. Somehow, there is one scene that makes you feel sleepy  too in the middle of the story. Special effect in this movie is really stunning and incredible. I am really satisfied by all imaginative visuals about the arena and the simulation. The sound effects is also nice, you know it's like Steve Jablonsky's score for Transformer, awesome.

  1. Ender WigginI'll do everything I can to win this war.

a brief conclusion

I'm so much interested to read the book after watched this movie. I want to know more about Ender Wiggin's point of view. I found it interesting how the way he thinks out of the box and how the way he feels the emotion of being "the chosen one". Recommended? Yes, for those who praise the visual effect from the movie. I think it might be more interesting to watch this movie in IMAX theatre. At first, I don't have any big expectation to this movie, but it turns out pretty good.
“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him." Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game

Rating : 7,5/10


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  1. OMG OMG OMG I loved Ender's Game so much. I don't know why, but I literally loved it , esp the main actor asksjhkjsh,Asa is so gorgeous haha! Loved your review x

    1. Yes yes ! Asa Butterfield is really COOL ! Thanksss Supriyaa :*