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Blogger Award & Tagged By Blogger Friends

Thankyou so much for blogger friends who have picked me as their nomination :) It's really a pleasure to get this award. I got 3 awards anyway. Here they are.

First award comes from Deniz , second award comes from Michelle, and third award comes from Naomi. I also got tagged by a lovely friend Gabrielle. Thanks to you all so much. Big hug from me :D. 

Random Facts :

1. I love anything colorful, but my favourite color always be red.
2. First thing I will do after wake up in the morning is checking up my phone, hehee :D
3. When my mood is bad, I will eat ice-cream ! After eating this, my mood will boost up for sure.
4. I always like something NEW!
5. I hate people who press the car horn over and over.
6. I don't like sad music. You can check my playlist, there aren't any slow-mellow songs until I really want to listen at them.
7. I love Asian culture :)
8. I always wish I can travel to any countries in this world.
9. My favourite flavor of bubble tea/ milk tea/ anything is Taro
10. Don't ever asks me to watch horror movie. Never.
11. I don't like cats. In my opinion, they have cocky face, really.

Questions to answer :

o What is your favorite color? Red
o What's your guilty pleasure? Eating anything nonstop. Hahaha
o What is your phone ringtone? CNBLUE - I'm a Loner
o Older sister or younger brother? I'm definitely an older sister 
o If you get one chance to do anything illegal, what would you do? Stealing pretty things at store
o Adidas or Nike? Nike. I like its motto & logo.
o What shampoo do you use? Pantene
o What's your favorite chocolate? I love Kinder Bueno 
o Salty or caramel popcorn? Salty popcorn !
o Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal? Ryan Gosling
o Coffee or tea? Tea
---------- Thanks Gabrielle ----------------

1.What inspired you to start blogging? 
* It's really great to see people who can picture their life in a such beautiful blog. Their opinions, their snapshots, their feelings, are poured into a nice post. I also want to share my favourite things into here. So, check out my blogs every week. Hehehe.

2.If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
* I think I could only eat pasta for the rest of my life. I like pasta so much. Its al-dente textures, creamy or meat sauce, I like them all.

3.What is your earliest memory?
* Okay, I'm such a forgetful person, I'm sorry. I easily forget about something, but if that things are really touchable for me, I can't forget it. But right now, I remember clearly about my first month when I got to go to the college, the new environment with me. It's really heart-thumping and happy at the same time to have some new friends.

4.If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
* Kylie Jenner. I want to know how it feels like living in a such glamorous & luxurious style.

5.What smell do you like the most?
* Fruity smell. I like that kind of fresh scent.

6.Your ideal vacation spot and why?
* Santorini ! I like its blue & white typical color in there. It's really beautiful.

7.What is one thing you cannot leave the house without?
* My wallet, my handphone, and also my glasses / contact lense

8.One skill you wish you had or that you learnt?
* Makeup skill. 

9.Use 5 words to describe yourself
* Dreamer, passionate, caring, adventurer, glamorous.

10.What is your favorite time of year?
* Christmas,  it's a peaceful day for me.

11.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
*  I'm a mom & a friend to my children who run a successful business. Live in Indonesia with a lovely husband, nice house, and a dog.

------------- Thanks Naomi ----------------

1. What camera do you use to take beautiful photos
#  My DSLR Canon 1000D

2. Name me five of your favorite food.
#  Pasta, Sushi, Noodle, Ice Cream, Pizza

3. List out three of your favorite makeup products.
#  Etude House, Maybelline & Benefit

4. If you have an option to choose the place you want to live, where is this place and why?
# This is maybe the typical answer for such a K-Pop fan like me, but I would lke to live in Korea. Enjoy 4 seasons, eating nice food, visit celeb's cafe and so on will be my activity list in there.

5. Have you tried Korean makeup or beauty products before? If yes, tell me your most favorite brand :D
#  Etude. Maybe someday, I will try to use Holika.

6. If you have one day to spend with your favorite celebrity, who would you choose to spend with? and why?
#  Nice question. I would like to choose Taecyeon (2PM)/Micky Yoochun(JYJ), since they can speak English so fluently. I think they will become such a nice brother to hang out with.

7. What do you do when you hang out with your best friends?
# Choosing a nice ambience restaurant then chit-chat for a long long time there.

8. What do you usually watch in Youtube? Fashion, comedy or makeup video?
#  Music videos and any music concerts.

9. Which part of your body you like the most and why?
#  My eyes. I like its sparkling black eyeball, it's really pretty to see it everyday.

10. If you have only ten dollars to use, how do you utilize the ten dollars?
# I'm such a big spender, I will use it to watch movies, buy dvds and of course eat fine dining. I will save the rest.

11. What do you love about your country?
# Diversity, friendly people, Indonesian language, nice weather (no winter).


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.

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