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Bad Blogger

Okay, i admit it, i was a bad blogger for these recent weeks. i didn't update any for about 2 weeks i think. Sorry guys. Many movies were also skipped by me, such as Gangster Squad, The Impossible, and others. I will try to watch Les Miserables and also Hansel & Gretel this week.

The problem is FLOOD ! Yes, Jakarta was underflood last week. Outside my house, our neighborhood was really flooded. 3 days passed, finally that flood was gone. Hopefully, it's not coming back again. #Pray. And the other problem i gotta deal with is my thesis proposal. Uh oh, next month will be my thesis proposal session. Hope me and my partner gonna get through it well :D

in front of my house
Ah, just info, check my Instagram if you could :D I made one already. 

Last, i'm watching Taiwanese drama again. Definitely, there's my favourite actor, Jiro Wang. The title is Absoulte Boyfriend based on Japanese Manga. One thing i'm curious about is Goo Hye Sun is there. Whoa. Goo Hye Sun is actually a korean actress but played Taiwanese drama. Can't imagine how good this drama will be. Although this was a last-year-drama, but i can't help to watch it soon.

Hope you guys have a happy weeks ahead !


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.


  1. buset banjirnya. keep posting trs sela haha,ditunggu apdetnya

  2. wahah, iyee tuh depan rumah gw banjirnya. tp untung gak sampe masuk rumah :D

    thanks ven

  3. No way!Absolute boyfriend live action series??? I will definitely watch it! I have read the manga version and i really like it... though the ending is sad :(

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  4. First month of the year and you already had a lot of problems with you. Talk about bad luck. What happened to you thesis proposal? Did you successfully presented it. Well, I think after a proposal, the next thing you should be worried about is writing your thesis statement. Anyway, I hope everything went according to your plan, and now starting to write your thesis paper.