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Revenge (2011) Season 1 TV Series

Better late than never ! Yeah, i think this quote is true.
Do you guys know TV Series from past fall called Revenge?
Yes, i just watched it recently. No doubt, this is so a great series. Episode by episode made me fall in love succesfully.
Revenge season 1 is totally awesome. Can't wait for Revenge season 2.

Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) is the newest arrival in the Hamptons. By all appearances, she's a friendly and sophisticated "girl next door," but with a dark family history, Emily is anything but what she seems. Seventeen years ago, her father was framed for a crime by neighbors he trusted, and sentenced to life. Emily never saw her father again, and spent her childhood consumed by rage, loss and betrayal. Now she's returning under an assumed identity with one goal -- REVENGE -- Official Synopsis from ABC

Characters :

Left- Right : Emily Vancamp as Emily Thorne - Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson

Emily Thorne. Born as Amanda Clarke. Emily Thorne is her new identity to Hamptons. The hero of the show. She is responsible for taking a revenge of her father's wrongful conviction. Basically, she just wants to ruin her victim's life, not to kill. I just love her character. Strong, Sophosticated, Powerful, Wealthy, 
Beautiful, OMG, what's left ? She is just perfect unless her choice to take a revenge. 

Daniel Grayson. Grayson's children. One of men that Emily has feelings for. Hot, Rich, Loveable, Harvard Student, what else? Perfect boyfriend is a YES. 
Left 3 : Ashely Madekwe as Ashley Davenport, Christa B.Allen as Charlotte Grayson,  Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson.
Center 2 : Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross ( Black Suit ) & Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter
Right 2 : Connor Paolo as Declan Porter & Henry Czerny as Conrad Grayson

Victoria Grayson. Queen of Hamptons. Glamourus, Rich & Powerful. Mother of Daniel & Charlotte, Wife od Conrad Grayson. Emily's greatest enemy. I know one thing that not every rich women has a beautiful life like others dream about. Her marriage isn't good because of her husband's cheating. But still, a Powerful & Strong women. Her character was one i like. Thinking about become a matriarch woman, i think it's a bad idea. Just being a loveable housewife & mother is okay.

Nolan Ross. Emily's one ally. I love this character so much. Become one of his friend is my wish in this real life. A genius sofware inventor and a computer hacker. Hacking thingy on this film is makig me crazy. I want to stalk others like Nolan did in this movie. He uses a small camera in a statue of a whale. ARGH ! He's a genius man ! Besides his genius, don't forget he is wealthy too. But unfortunately, he is bisexual.

Jack Porter. Emily's childhood friend. He is also one of the two men that Emily has feelings for. He has a dog named Sammy. He runs a family businees, Stowaway Bar. Well, if i have to choose which one i should fall in love between Jack and Daniel, i will confused too like Emily. Two is Good, but i have feelings more for  Jack. He is a nice guy.

Conrad Grayson. He is David Clarke's (Amanda Clarke's father) former boss. He is responsible for the infamous plane crash that David was convicted of funding. He is the mastermind ( or not ) behind the conspiracy to flame Clarke. I am truly believe this man is not good at all. He had an affair with his wife's bestfriend. One thing that I know, he is a good father to his children.

Other characters like Ashley, Charlotte and Declan, i'm not too interested. But they are also playing good here.

Revenge? After watch this whole series, seriously made me thinking, did i have an enemy to take a revenge for? And i am also thinking that revenge maybe is a "fun-side" to them people whom have hurt us. Forget about it, revenge will take you into more addition seriously thing than you ever think.

This is NOT a story about forgiveness.

but i recommend you guys to watch this series. my sister is one of a victim, hehehe. she is into Revenge now.


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