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Brave (2012)

Whoa ! Finally i can watch this movie. Since i looked the trailer, i know this movie will be a great movie. The animation, the characters, the plot, the background story, all are BEAUTIFUL ! really.

Princess Meridea : If you had a chance to change your fate, would you? 

a brief storyline :

Focuses on Princess Merida who is searching her way to change her fate. Her mom, Queen Elinor wants her to get married with one of clan's son. Princess Merida absolutely doesn't want it. Moreover, Queen Elinor wants Merida to do a Princess Lesson. It is definitely not Merida. Merida herself likes to be free ! She also likes archery. Because Queen Elinor is too obtrude, Merida comes to a witch by following the blue light. Merida wants the witch to change her mother. Just change. But unfortunately, Queen Elinor becomes a bear. A giant bear that her father always wants to take his revenge and kill any bear. This is absolutely a WRONG path that Merida chooses. How can Merida and her 'bear' mother deal with this thing? 


Princess Merida. Okay, archery is a popular thingy nowadays, but i like her skill in archery. I also like her daring rock climbing. OMG ! Her red thick hair also amazing, i just want to comb her hair, hahha. 

Harish, Herbert, Hamish. ARE adorable. My GOSH their red hair headed ! CUTE. They are such a little BRAT ! Naughty but yeah sometimes can be so helpful.

Queen Elinor. Moms aren't always that BAD you know. I know everyone who first saw this movie must be hated Elinor. She just wants her children will be okay for future while she isn't there. She wants eveything to be PERFECT especially to her daughter. But yeah,  understandable in the end why she did like that. Just 1 thing that every mom should do. Listen and Understand please what your children try to say.

King Fergus. I love King Fergus as a father. He loves his Queen and also his children. Brave yet careless. Joking with his daughter is one thing that i also like. Fun, messy, and lovely :D

comments :

This is my second favourite animation movie after Despicable Me. I think the plot will be a journey of Princess Merida, but it's not. It's about a mother-daughter relationship. Such a touching story. 

I was almost crying while seeing Queen Elinor becomes a bear, whether she will be a bear forever or not. Not only a touching story, it is loveable. Whereelse i can crying while laughing in 1 movie? Brave it is. Toy Story is one of the answer too, but yeah, Brave ! Love Brave :D One of Box Office Movies defeats Madagascar 3.


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  1. kayak barbie ya.. kayaknya seru nih.

  2. this movie made me cry.. thumbs up!

  3. I'm going to watch this cartoon!)

    Check out my new post!)

  4. @The Portrait : YES! i was crying too. this movie is GREATT!

    @Lena : you must watch this cartoon. i love "Brave" :)

  5. @Syifa : Barbie keriting iya deh. ahhaha. Rambutnya megar bangett. Seru koq filmnya :D

  6. can`t wait to see this movie! xx