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Batman The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The Legend Ends
P.S : I love this poster, that's why i place it in BIG size :)

a brief summary

After Harvey Dent died, Batman was blamed for his crimes over Dent. Batman got his tarnished reputation. Then Bane appeared in order to destroy Gotham City. Bane had a plan to detonate the city with a nuclear bomb. Will Batman appear to save Gotham? Oh yes, Batman still do care for Gotham. With Cat Woman, Fox, Gordon and Blake, they together stop the plan to bomb Gotham. 


Christian Bale. Christian Bale acts as Batman successfully. He's been already played for all trilogy. Starting from Batman Begins, Batman The Dark Knight, and last Batman The Dark Knight Rises. He's looking quite old in this movie. But, never mind, he still looks cool with his Batman's costume. Awesome. 

Anne Hathaway. I can't say anything. She is really gorgeus. I think she did a great job while acting as Cat Woman. How amazing she is in a black leather suit. Besides Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway is looking great too as a catwoman. passed qualification :D

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. OMG ! I got nothing to say. Levitt as a cop. In the end of movie, Levitt as John Blake went into a cave and yes, he is Robin, Batman's partner. Too bad, I didn't get him in a suit. 

Tom Hardy a.k.a Bane. He is such a badass, like he said, "Bane is brutal". Bane is totally an absolute terrorist. 

Marion Cotillard. Because of her role as Miranda Tate, she appears in almost magazine's cover. She is gorgeus too. Sexy. One thing i disappoint about Miranda's role, she lacks chemistry with Bruce Wayne after making love. I feel nothing between them. But still, Marion got my attention.


It's a GREAT movie. I love a happy ending. Although I felt quite boring in the beginning and didn't understand what the hell the plot was going on, I had to say the ending was satisfying me. I spent quite a long time for watching this movie, almost 3 hours, and worth it. Okay, Batman is END.

 /  5


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