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SimCity Social Loading Help

Yes, i'm happy with SimCity Social releasing their Open Beta but actually i'm a little disappointed. I'm one of the victim "80% Loading Stuck" !

I have tried all these instructions :

  • Refresh the game.
  • Try using a different computer.
  • Log out of Facebook, then log back in.

And also these instructions :

1. Flash Player Update. Go to this website : Adobe Flash Player . Uninstall Adobe Flash Player, clear cache and cookies and reinstall. Still not working. Another instruction is increasing the Flash Player Global Storage Size. Go to this panel : Global Storage Setting Panel and set it to 1MB.
2. Check that Java is enable on my browser. Done, but still not working. Clear Java Cache. Already too
3. Try different browser. I tried Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but still like that. Oh crap, do I have to install other browser like Opera to play this thing?

Do you know what I do to play this SimCity?

Get up in the morning, pray for the luck, and try to play SimCity Social by clicking SimCity Social link on their Facebook Page. Yeah.



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  2. I had same problem, but with your instruction i fixed it =)

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