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[Photos+Review] Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 1

yeah. finally i watched Breaking Dawn Part 1. because of this part 1, i'm really curious what's about Breaking Dawn Part 2 gonna be.

a brief plot :
Starting with the wedding invitation of Edward and Bella, they are really decided to have a marriage. others feel happy, but the others not. yes it is Jacob, but the wedding must go on. Edward and Bella continuing their love story with a honeymoon for sure. they go to Rio Janeiro in the first then go to an island where they spent a lot of happy time, a lot of love time, and like honeymoon's going. there's problem in the end when Bella finally got pregnant. what is it in Bella's tummy? is it a baby or a monster? it's clearly and slowly make a trouble for Bella and Cullen's Family. this creature that Bella stands for will be killed by wolf-gang, except Jacob. Jacob, Seth and Leah are going to help bella and this "baby". is Bella will safe together with the "baby" ?

a brief conclusion :
the baby is safe and also the mother, Bella. the baby is a cute girl named Renesmee.

comments :
  • in fact, i enjoyed so much the plot from beginning until the end. but the storyline is just like going flat anyway. 
  • what i love from this movie is : the wedding, the honeymoon, and Jacob ! seriously Jacob was so hot indeed.
  • and the make ups for Bella is really good. makes her looks like a corpse. i do also feel the pain from the makeups. and the transformation of Bella becomes a vampire ! argh, its cool and shocked me in the end when she opened her red-eyes.
  • Seth and Renesmee character appears here in the movie ^^ they are cute. Mackenzie Foy plays as Renesmee. She's uber cute :) and Boboo Stewart as Seth.

  • Rosalie and Alice are really like a family for Bella. i love it when Rosalie is really loving the baby.

in the end. do i recommend this movie to you all? i think, if i don't recommend this movie, you all will watch it yourself because of the long line in the cinema :)


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