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New Blogger's Interface

well, i'm kinda happy with the new blogger's interface. how the dashboard is so simple, how the posts are more being managed than before. we can view how many people out there read our posts in our blog.
and when we upload the pictures, we can straightly edit it, add caption, etc. 
the templates too, i love it. although its simple, but its clean and i love it. go simple ! hahaha.

new dashboard of me
and the templates that blogger offers is cool. upload pictures and see how beautiful the pictures are. we can see our favorite blogs in Dynamic Views. you all the bloggers must try this. check .
i tell you how to see the Dynamic Views. just type your favorite blog and add /view/classic. this classic you can change to mosaic, magazine, flipcard, sidebar, snapshot and timeslide. Example :

see this Dynamic's View preview
interesting? yes and yay. i can't wait to update my blog as soon as possible. happy blogging guys, whoever use blogger.


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.

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