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Top Michelin Restaurants : Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, London

belakangan ini lagi marak-maraknya acara kompetisi masak. betul?
nah, kali ini guw gak bahas tentang acara favorit kompetisi masak (fyi, my cooking show competition is Masterchef Australia, hehe).
Sering banget banyak juri juri atau kompetitor dari Restorang Bintang Michelin. Ini dia yang mau guw bahas. hahaha.

Apa sih sebenernya Restoran Bintang Michelin itu?
Bintang Michelin itu adalah kualitas yang diberikan untuk makanan dari restoran.
Bintang Michelin mulai dari bintang 1 - 3.

Pasti kalo denger Michelin, taunya pabrik ban yang besar donk? Tapi, perusahan Michelin meluncurkan the first guide book in 1900 to encourage road tripping in France, dan memulai me-review restaurant yang ada dengan sistem bintang in 1926.

Arti Bintang Michelin.
Bintang Michelin dilihat dari quality, mastery of technique, personality and consistency of the food, not on interior d├ęcor, table setting, or service quality.

A very good restaurant or pub in its category
The star indicates a good place to stop on your journey. But beware of comparing the star given to an expensive de luxe establishment with that of a simple restaurant where you can appreciate fine cooking at a reasonable price.

Two-Michelin-star: Excellent cooking, worth a detourSpecialities and wines of first class quality. This will be reflected in the price

Three-Michelin-star: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey
One always eats here extremely well, sometimes superbly. Fine wines, faultless service, elegant surroundings. One will pay accordingly!

jadi, semakin banyak bintangnya, maka pelayanan di restoran, kualitas makanan, dekorasi restoran semuanya PERFECT dan sangat WORTH IT ! tentu aja WE MUST PAY MORE for this. QUIETLY EXPENSIVE.

Yuk, ngintip salah satu restoran Michelin bintang 3 kepunyaan Chef terkenal di berbagai kompetisi masak.

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. 68 Royal Hospital Road, LONDON

Here's the delicious food to see. Simple and lots of French taste dishes.

Ravioli of Lobster

simple but delicious. oh man. i wanna eat this

Pressed Foie Gras with Peppered Madeira Jelly, Smoked Duck

Roasted Loin of Monkfish with Chorizo Cous Cous

Roasted Fillet of Line Caught Turbot with Langoustines

Combining contemporary elegance, an Intimate ambience and unparalleled service, restaurant Gordon Ramsay has the hallmark of true excellence honoured with three Michelin stars
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photo courtesy : London. Gordon Ramsay's Photos


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