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Holiday Me List

Some of us are still enjoying their holiday, including me, hahahaa. Moreover, few weeks later we will enjoy Idul Fitri's Day.

Just want to share my holiday to-do-list here. Maybe you are stuck at home and just do nothing, you can try this thing's list :D

1. Movie Rally.

This is my favorite ! I love watching movies. From Indonesian Movies, Korean, Thai, Western, Taiwanese and so on movies, all i love to watch.

2. Try Cooking.

So, recently comes a lot of Cooking TV Show, right? Like, Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, and others. Why don't us try to make some like them? It's fun though. We find recipes, by ingredients, and try cooking. Seriously, this week i wanna make some cookie :D

3. Create a Craft

Be creative sometimes isn't hard to do.

4. Make Your Digital Creation

I think all of us know Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash, or other things (read:software). Why not we make a creation from this?
Read tutorial and try to make it. It really fun :D

5. Cullinary Travel

Who doesn't like eating? Me soo likey. So, explore your area, your hometown, your district and find a restaurant/cafe/canteen that serves unique menus. Try foods that you've never eaten.
Make some photos of them.

6. Self Photography

Prepare your tripod or webcam, and set your action. Say cheese. You are beautiful, babe ! Do this and you will know how fun it is find you in the camera. Don't forget beautify your photos.

7. Learn Other Languages

Hey,there are some unique language in there. Let's rock the worldwide by the language.

8. Browsing & Searching Social Networking.

Facebook?Twitter? I'm sure that you all have these accounts.
What about Google+? Heello? and other social networking? Try to have as many as you can.
My favourite is browsing the net. Browsing unique things and unique web. If you have the same interest as me ( browsing the net ), i suggest you have StumbleUpon's Account

9. Digital Reading

What i mean in here is e-book or e-magazine. Find your favourite online magazine. I suggest you

10. Go to a Book Store and THERE Reading.

Do you like reading a book? Then go to a libary or even library cafe. Ah, try going to a bookstore, read there and NOT BUY the book. Just read there. hahaha.

11. Window Shopping or even Shopping at Mall.

12. Try Something New, like Blogging

these all random things i've ever done ! and SO FUN !


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.

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