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Grown Ups

i watched comedy film yesterday night.
Grown Ups.
really LOL. im bursting into laugh. ahhahahha :p
u all should watch it.
even some of the comedies are adults' jokes. still funny though.

30 years later, the five friends have since separated.

Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) is a high powered Hollywood talent agent who is married to Roxanne (Salma Hayek), a fashion designer. Together, they have two sons, Greg and Keith, and one daughter Becky, all of whom have become spoiled, much to Lenny's annoyance.

Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) is now a co-owner of a lawn furniture company (but he says he is just to impress his friends) who is married to Sally (Maria Bello). Together, they have one daughter, Donna and one son Bean, who still breastfeeds despite being four years old, much to Eric's chagrin.

Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is a stay at home father who is married to Deanne (Maya Rudolph), the primary breadwinner of the family. Together, they have a son, Andre, and a daughter, Charlotte, while Deanne is pregnant with a third child, and her mother, Ronzoni, lives with them as well. All of them harass Kurt for not being more useful.

Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider) is a thrice divorced pacifist vegan married to Gloria (Joyce Van Patten), who is 30 years older than him.

Marcus Higgins (David Spade) has become a single womanizer.

after attending their coach, Buzzer, they planned to stay a while in a Villa. spending time together with their wife and kids.
how do they spend their time in the villa.
enjoy watching while laughing :)

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walaupun jokes jokesnya itu beberapa ada yg dewasa, tapi masih bisa ditonton koq. cuma kalo ada anak kecil nonton, harap dibimbing. hahhahaa :D

banyak pesan bagus disini. walopun mereka dah jadi orangtua, dah bertumbuh besar, persahabatan mereka masih sangat kuat, walopun masih saling sambil ledek2an.
disini ada kisah2 berbagai masalah orangtua dan anak2. soalnya, semua anaknya bermasalah dan ga ada yg beres di film ini. hahahahah :D

love ur kids and teach them well.jangan sampe salah ^^


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