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Street Dance

Street Dance anyway,me already watched :D

kinda well than Step Up 2 I think.
because the way of the stories is more meaningful.

there's much way combination of Ballet Dance and Street Dance.
tell a stories about Carly who has to lead a dance group to win the UK StreetDance Championship (if i am not mistaken,hehe). Carly is left by her boyfriend,Jay who join The Surge, the last Winner.

Carly and her group then join the Ballet Dancer because of Helena, so Carly can use the dance room. They're together dancing to win the streetdance Championship.

there's still romance scene, eventhough a little, about Carly&Jay, also about Carly and new ballet dancer names Tomas.

will Carly and her new group, Breaking Point can get all this through and perform the best?
just see Street Dance,all :D

  • like other dance movies, all songs here are COOL ! rnb hiphop which can make u dance. i love rnb hihop songs. the beat can make u feel great i think :D

  • ada unsur humor disini. jd ga bosen2in amat filmnya. not such a boring and alllll are great dancing scenes.

  • ada pelajaran teori streetdance for beginners. keren ni. orang2 baletnya jg keren.all the dance scenes i love.

  • for info : in the last scene, there's a boy named Eddie (George Sampson), Carly's friend. he's the 2nd winner of Britain's Got Talents. wow

  • for info : The Surge a.k.a Flawless is really really the WORLD STREET DANCE WINNER and Britain's Champion of Street Dance. Pantesaaaannnn. tiap gerakan mereka itu keren. bener2 flawless, ga ada cacat. KOMPAK pula. mantapp dah. thumbs up for them.

ENDING NGEGANTUNG ! huaaa..i don't like it. payaaah :(

here are the cool songs of the Street Dance Soundtrack Album
01. Tinie Tempah – Pass Out
02. N-Dubz, Bodyrox – We Dance On
03. Lightbulb Thieves – Work It Out
04. Ironik – Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)
05. N-Dubz – Strong Again
06. Pixie Lott – Live For The Moment
07. Aggro Santos, Kimberly Wyatt – Candy
08. Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love
09. Lethal Bizzle – Going Out Tonight
10. Sugababes – Get Sexy
11. LP, JC – The Humblest Start
12. Wiley – Cash In My Pocket
13. Madcon – Beggin’
14. LP, JC, Skibadee, Mc Det, Chrome, Blemish – Club Battle
15. Fatboy Slim – Champion Sound
16. Vega4 – Life Is Beautiful
17. McLean – Broken
18. Swiss, Music Kidz – One In A Million


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  1. nice!~~~ hahaha lmyan nbmbah album uhuiii~

  2. yep yep.lagunya lmayan enak yg rnb hiphopnya..hohoo :D

  3. wah demen dance movie juga yah??? haha gw kecewa banget dance terakhirnya gw kira bakal pake lagu we dance on ahh taunya gitu ga asik deh huhu... cerita sih standard banget yah... dancenya keren sih tapi kayanya bakal kerenan step up 3 *kalau liat trailernya* hahaha

  4. whos tha girl that look like flying do someone knows her name?